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Learnthings specialises in the licensing and production of interactive learning materials and training related to the effective usage of these materials in South Africa and several African countries.We are a multimedia publishing company, deploying the latest high-quality, future-proof technology solutions to clients. We have significant experience in creating a diverse range of stimulating content that is relevant to its target audience.

Learnthings is part of the Sasani family of companies. Sasani plays a lead role in the South African film and television industry and is committed to increasing access to education.


Our Services

  • Multimedia production
    We offer a wide range of authoring, design, development and corporate e-learning services
  • Training & development
    Training based on the integration of ICT and digital materials within the teaching and learning environment
  • Bank of e-Content
    Suitable for customisation and use in Primary and Secondary schools across Africa

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Interactive learning materials for Primary and Secondary school


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